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City Council votes to spend $600,000 on Del Prado entrance

posted Apr 27, 2014, 4:54 PM by Betty Hill
At the last City Council meeting, many residents came forward objecting to the city's  plan to spend approximately $600,000 on the planning and construction of an entry feature for Del Prado's Lantern District.  This expenditure is in addition to the $21 million allocation for the Town Center project.

Many community residents came forward stating that this feature did not have enough planning and only had one architect submitting a design and cost proposal.  Residents felt that a decision on this feature should not be rushed since it will be in place for decades.  Originally the city planned on spending $250,000 for a feature.

Councilman Olvera, Brough and Weinburg voted to go ahead with the plan.  Schoefel and Bartlett voted against.